Safetica Mobile

Protecting your sensitive data also on mobile devices

Safetica Mobile is a Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool that increases data security on mobile devices. It helps you discover security risks and quickly react to them. You can also manage mobile devices more easily and effectively, so they will become a trusted part of your company environment.

Security of mobile devices

Safetica Mobile Device Security

Work safely on your mobile devices even on the go. No need to worry about device loss or data leaks

Separate work-related apps and data into a protected workspace

Identify harmful apps on particular devices

Remotely block or wipe lost or stolen devices

Overview of users and devices

Safetica Mobile Device Overview

Comprehensive multiplatform
security overview in
one single place

Monitor device security and status

See how your team is doing with our Team Mood feature

Track and find lost devices with remote localization

Centralized remote management

Safetica Centralized Remote Management

No need for manual configuration, automatic setup of mobile devices will save you lots of time

Utilize enhanced app management to control app settings and behavior 

Set security policies for groups of devices 

Automatically configure devices and manage them from a single place

Secure and manage all mobile devices

secured workspace device policies app management security status

Check all company devices and discover security risks in a single glance. Set up device policies and even Wi-Fi accounts remotely. Utilize Android EMM and iOS Managed Apps to create a separate workspace on company devices and use them for remote work and private purposes.

Safetica MDM

Anti-theft protection

localization password strength remote lock remote data wiping

Losses of company mobile devices and employee fluctuation are common issues that may put your sensitive data at risk. Safetica can find employees’ mobile devices and, if they are unreachable, remotely wipe them. This way, you can rest assured your infrastructure is safe and your critical data remains your property.


Safetica in mobile phone

Team Mood 

remote workemployee satisfaction conflict prevention

Find out how members of your team feel not only when they work in the office but also remotely. See how their mood changes in time and quickly discover possible problems. Prevent data leaks by decreasing employee fluctuation, interpersonal conflicts, or distractions.

Team mood

Audit incoming files on Android

Get an overview of where your data is stored also on company mobile devices. With WebSafetica and Safetica Mobile, you can spot security incidents in one place, whether they happen on your phone, computer, or in the Office 365 cloud.

Mobile file audit